Sign the Petition – Warden Orlando Harper Must Be Fired!



In recent months, there has been a health care crisis at the Allegheny County Jail. The main official in charge of ensuring the health and safety of inmates at the ACJ has allowed this crisis to take place and continue. It is time we hold Warden Orlando Harper accountable!

The ACJ has twice the national average death rate, and this is directly caused by medical neglect. Multiple cases and testimonies have emerged of incarcerated people being denied their life-saving medicine and treatment for conditions ranging from seizures, HIV/AIDS, cancer, mental disorders, diabetes and more.

The correctional officers at the jail have actively been preventing inmates from receiving medical treatment, criminalized medical conditions, and used brutal and unnecessary force on incarcerated people.

Warden Harper could have addressed these issues, which are his responsibility, but instead has allowed the health care provider and correctional officers to violate the human rights of ACJ inmates.

Sign the petition and tell Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald to fire Warden Orlando Harper and replace him with someone who will fight for the rights of incarcerated people!


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